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You know you’re a Parent Blogger when…

You know you’re a Mum/Parent blogger when, I quite often see these articles on Facebook and it made me think about how many were true for me. Here are 6 to get you started.  You have the maximum iCloud storage setting for every device, because we never stop taking pictures. Every day is a new… Continue reading You know you’re a Parent Blogger when…

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EC-The Next Step

Potty training is such a minefield, when to do it, how to do it, to do it all? Then there is the EC Elimination Communication school of thought that children are born ready and it’s all about cues and reading your child.  Whilst cutting one of my older clients hair she mentioned she had introduced a… Continue reading EC-The Next Step

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Mum Buns and other style ruts

  When you have small ones I find all your time is spent running around after them; feeding them, changing them, burping them. I personally can’t do lack of sleep, breastfeeding, co sleeping hair and makeup it’s like I’m just not hard wired for that much work. In November I took the time every day to… Continue reading Mum Buns and other style ruts

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A natural C Section 

  Having a C Section is scary! Having one second time around is even scarier because due to natures handy birth memory eraser (or was that just me) I couldn’t remember anything apart from the panic and the nausea during the operation. When I was around 13 weeks pregnant we went for our dating scan and… Continue reading A natural C Section 

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Welcome to my world

I’m J, a trainer fanatic I also have 2 kids. I have a gorgeous boyfriend who is the father of my son and I’ve been divorced from my daughters dad quite a few years now. I brought my gorgeous daughter up in a haze of perinatal anxiety and trauma, in the real early days of… Continue reading Welcome to my world

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Wrapping Wednesday – Breaking in or Breaking backs ?

Do you own a brand new wrap? Have you lusted and waited after scoring the pre-order email confirmation? No? Yes? Well, now I can say have. Unlike the second hand mark which is all DISO’s friendly chat and stalking, buying straight from the manufacturer cuts all that out. What it also cuts out is you… Continue reading Wrapping Wednesday – Breaking in or Breaking backs ?

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Wrapping Wednesday-The one where Dad did the wrapping 

We went shopping last week and Chris insisted on carrying Cairo in our new Joy & Joe Baby  Carob Mapperley wrap, it’s a size 6 and a luscious peachy pink in their distinctive Kente design.  Chris is a big fan of FWCC and also SSC’s (see below for a glossary of terms) so it was lovely to… Continue reading Wrapping Wednesday-The one where Dad did the wrapping 

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Wrapping Wednesday-Tulip Kente

We have just finished our second wrap holiday this time it was from the lovely Sam.  As part of a breaking in holiday I got a week of Tulip Kente, one of Joy & Joe 2015 heritage range.  I believe all the Kentes are just 2OAK that makes them elusive as well as extra special. The Tulip Moor is extra… Continue reading Wrapping Wednesday-Tulip Kente

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Mini turns 10 

I can’t believe the day is here, she’s actually 10!  That tiny bundle born at 03:09 9-8-2006 is finally 10 and I couldn’t be more proud.  My sidekick, my hero, my inspiration. We spent 7 years facing the world together and I wouldn’t change a single thing.  I taught my princess to skate, ride bikes,… Continue reading Mini turns 10 

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Wake Up to Make Up- Dupetastic 

Being a mum you tend to put your own needs second to the kids, this means I tend to leave the house with no makeup on; I’m totally more scummy than yummy.  Sunday morning I had some time to myself so I indulged and spent 45 minutes trying out some new makeup.  Everything is either… Continue reading Wake Up to Make Up- Dupetastic 

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Review – The best Nursing Bra I’ve ever had! 

Did anyone ever warn you how large your boobs would grow by when you got pregnant? Nah, me neither! With Mini it was 3 sizes by 6 weeks and by the time my milk came in it was another 3.  Now I don’t mean DD big or even a G cup I mean starting out… Continue reading Review – The best Nursing Bra I’ve ever had!