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You know you’re a Parent Blogger when…

You know you’re a Mum/Parent blogger when, I quite often see these articles on Facebook and it made me think about how many were true for me. Here are 6 to get you started.  You have the maximum iCloud storage setting for every device, because we never stop taking pictures. Every day is a new… Continue reading You know you’re a Parent Blogger when…

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Welcome to my world

I’m J, a trainer fanatic I also have 2 kids. I have a gorgeous boyfriend who is the father of my son and I’ve been divorced from my daughters dad quite a few years now. I brought my gorgeous daughter up in a haze of perinatal anxiety and trauma, in the real early days of… Continue reading Welcome to my world

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Wrapping Wednesday-Tulip Kente

We have just finished our second wrap holiday this time it was from the lovely Sam.  As part of a breaking in holiday I got a week of Tulip Kente, one of Joy & Joe 2015 heritage range.  I believe all the Kentes are just 2OAK that makes them elusive as well as extra special. The Tulip Moor is extra… Continue reading Wrapping Wednesday-Tulip Kente

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Nike women’s Plush Pack 

Nike have dropped their new women’s collection, available in the AirMax 1 and Air Max 90. The collection comes in 4 colours and has a super touchable raised texture to the uppers. The range is priced between £109.99-£104.99 so it’s definitely a premium range with a premium price tag These are some of the nicest… Continue reading Nike women’s Plush Pack 

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6 Weeks of Summer – Week 1 Round Up

So those never ending 6 weeks of summer are upon us; as this group of weeks seem to stretch on for ever and a day, I am grateful that the weather has been mostly nice, Pokemon Go has been released and that unlike the last 2 summer holidays I’m fit and well. Alongside our 6… Continue reading 6 Weeks of Summer – Week 1 Round Up