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Baby gro or baby style?

Cairo sitting up for the first time
As I sit here going through the camera roll on my phone, it strikes me my son spends most his time in BabyGros. Now I’m kind of a comfy person I like soft lush fabrics and I absolutely adore being snuggled in my pj’s. When we were pregnant our financial situation was pretty dire so I bought most of Cairos things from EBay, opting for brands I couldn’t afford new, mainly Next and Mamas and Papas. Now these suits are 100 per cent cotton and have the cutest patterns so ticking both my style and comfort boxes, with this in mind I have pretty much used these suits every day.

I was having a drink with a friend who has older smalls and she happened to pass comment that it was nice to see Cairo ‘dressed’ the other day and it got me thinking when did getting a baby dressed become a thing? I’m the first to admit my daughter was dressed to the nines every day without fail in sort of outfit or three without fail, Cairo I dress now and again mainly if we are going out to see someone or if he will be in his pram whilst we out (which is a big rarity).

I’m a big Instagram fan see here and as I am posting more regularly I am followed more and more by baby fashion brands and seeing more and more ‘brand rep’ posts. So do i go whole hog and style up my baby? or shall I carry on enjoying his babyness, can I do both? I have days my hair is done i have make up on my outfit matches and I have days I’ve ran out the door and its yesterdays clothes and a scrubbed face.

I think until I have found the right trousers for his cloth bum and get into layering for when we babywear I’m not going to worry to much.

Please leave any cloth friendly, ethical brands in the comments


J x



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