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Baby Led Weaning the adventure begins….

We did it! We made it six months with no food apart from the chocolate spread bagel he sucked (big sister was feeling sorry for him). 

So as I’m doing  Slimming World being healthy is at the forefront of my mind and there are lots of fruit and veggies on hand. We decided to start with fruit my partners favourite which is mango, then we have tried melon, Apple,home made fried chicken, harissa lamb, toast, flatbreads, hummous, rice, dumplings and some hand cut chips
Cairo has taken well to having water as well as breastmilk, the nappies have started to be rather more explosive too but it all adds to the fun I think. 

I’ve decided as we move forward with BLW that I’m going to feed him what we are having as much as possible, I’m also going to make lots of snack muffins I keep seeing them on Pintrest and they seem such a good idea you can follow us here



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