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Legacy Wraps 


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Cairo was born on the 1/7/15 the above pictures are his legacy wraps.

Now a legacy wrap is a wrap that is

  • Released on the day your child is born
  • Named after your child
  • Or a particular theme close to your heart. 

With Cairo this includes animal print, London, lions, Cairo or anything Egyptian and the wraps above.

The babywearing world is one full of love, fluff and sleepy dust. It is also cut throat, full of limited releases and traders who consider Market Value a life or death situation. This leads Baby Wearers into frenzy, spam and dramatic new ways to break in wraps, procure wraps and sell wraps. My whole stash is bought pre loved and two pieces had not been worn as it was just not ‘love’ on arrival.

I’m writing this thinking about Rainbow Safari from Lenny Lamb, I missed the release I later found it on eBay but it was in the US, I bit the bullet and paid and then I sat and watched the tracking like a hawk and then it just stopped…… Just like that my wrap, my money and my dream disappeared. I’m currently still awaiting a resolution and a refund. How I can grieve for something I’ve never owned I really don’t know but I’m so upset I’ll never get to carry my son in this gorgeous pattern.

I’m currently awaiting my first FiSpi an Obsibian and Bronze star map and I also am eyeing a Oscha Oki and I reallllllllly want an Artipoppe. 

I have seen similar obsession in my friends with Pushchairs and Designer baby clothing, the only thing that makes me feel less guilty about my stash (yes, I feel guilty) is that these wraps hold their value and that I can carry my child til at least 3/4 and also my next one that’s a whole other post though. 

So, going back to the legacy wrap situation right now I’m leaning towards the Mr Jackson the colours would look amazing with Cairos skintone and mine.

If you’d like to check your child’s legacy wrap out click Here

My stash so far minus the carrier in the featured pic


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