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Cloth Nappies, a fluffy love affair


 As I’m sure as you’ve read my blog you realise I am a lover of colour and prints. I am a fully paid up member of the pretty fluff brigade. I have many amazing nappies one of which has a Dinosaur Tail, I have an elusive Irwin, a London Calling and many many more (today I discovered Oscha Slings do cloth nappies, so I will definitely be purchasing) we even have a set of ruffles from Albert Postlethwait.

Cairo was born in July when the weather is hot and newborn babies spend lots of time in just nappies and vests/TShirts and the idea of all those newborn pictures with big plasticy nappies just annoyed me.  So I sat at my laptop and typed in Nappy Covers and it led me down the rabbit hole.   

I found a Preloved bundle on eBay of BumGenius and also a few on Facebooks Preloved Cloth Nappy pages and I was away, by the time Cairo arrived I had way more than a 100 nappies, wraps and cotton nappies. 

It started with a few wraps and pockets then a few All In Ones and then some Two Parters. But let me explain, reusable nappies come in many forms

  • Pockets, which are a waterproof cover with stuff able inserts of various absordancy 
  • All In Ones, which are a waterproof cover with fixed inserts
  • Two Parters, which are a waterproof cover completely separate to the nappy. This can be a shaped nappy, terry square or a prefold. These can be made from bamboo, microfibre, charcoal, hemp.
  • Hybrids, pouches and many more types

Whilst I was pregnant I attended a Nottingham Cloth Nappies nappucino ran by the lovely Jen and Gill and the world of cloth nappies  exploded, though I soon realised I knew so little but I knew I wanted to use cloth full time.   


 Reusable nappies are also hugely amazing for the environment. Each reusable on average lasts 300 washes and each child in disposable nappies uses on average 4000 each of which end up in land fill. 

In short using cloth can cost as little as a £ 100 if you buy Preloved and can save you £2500 per child more if you use your nappies again for subsequent children. 


Using cloth has led me into the world of CSP, Cloth Nursing Pads, Cloth Wipes and Fleece Liners. So now I don’t have to buy baby wipes, breast pads or flushable/disposable liners saving me around £20 a week. 


I am totally now more aware of my impact on the environment than I have ever been. To be honest the cost of cloth bumming definitely won me over. My first bundle of BumGenius cost me £80 and it had 20 nappies in it! A considerable saving, I decided I needed more (I totally didn’t but there were so many pretties).

I’m now part of Nottingham Cloth Nappy library, I am truly passionate about cloth and helping others try, experiment and learn all about it. 

Photo complements of Kingston and Merton Real Nappy Network – The number of disposables vs reusables a baby will use in his or her nappywearing lifetime


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