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A natural C Section 


Cairo Jaxx having skin to skin in theatre

Having a C Section is scary! Having one second time around is even scarier because due to natures handy birth memory eraser (or was that just me) I couldn’t remember anything apart from the panic and the nausea during the operation.
When I was around 13 weeks pregnant we went for our dating scan and our appointment with the consultant. It was as this point my  tokophobia  reared its ugly head and when they mentioned a VBAC  I just freaked and said I wanted another section so I could get myself prepared. With this in mind we left clutching lots of leaflets and my partner was rather taken a back at my reaction as he hadn’t understood quite how bad my birth phobia was.

As my pregnancy progressed I decided my only way to tackle my phobia was to face it head on (I will do a post with more detail about my perinatal mental health with my daughter) so the only way I could do this was by watching  One Born Every Minute. It was hard going at times I felt sick, anxious and incredibly panicked but I did it and more than anything it gave the understanding of what had happened to me with my daughter.

Imagine having major surgery on your own and not being able to understand why it happened but it needed to. 

Add my total birthing phobia into the mix and I became increasingly worried so I contacted my midwife and we had a really good and honest chat. Being able to voice my fears really helped. So we sat and made a plan for the rest of my pregnancy.

Most of this plan involved not panicking, if I was worried to talk to my partner, my friends if needs be the midwives. This really helped as did my incredibly easy pregnancy, I had the glow, I also had SPD which with an 8 year old isn’t the best but we coped.

One thing I’ve found is people don’t realise you can have a birth plan with a C Section

One thing I’ve found is people don’t realise you can have a birth plan with a C Section! I sat with Chris and we had identified lots of things on OBEM that we wanted for our birth so we set about writing our plan. The main things we wanted were

  • Calm atmosphere
  • Chris to cut the cord
  • To have skin to skin contact as soon as possible
  • To breastfeed as soon as possible
  • To have our own music playing if possible

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The team at QMC were amazing! They followed our plan to a tee. We were very lucky that we were the only  couple waiting on the morning of our section, so we had the room to ourselves. Chris loves music and had found somewhere to plug in and the room was filled with relaxing soulful music.

The doctors came in and explained all the procedures again I signed lots of paperwork, then it was time to get in my gown. We walked into the theatre and I was sat on the operating table for my spinal. After some adjusting to the height due to my SPD it was time to lie down and with Chris by my side they started the operation.

Having Chris by my side and our music playing made for an amazing experience it flew by!

Having Chris by my side and our music playing in the background made for an amazing experience, it flew by! 10 minutes in and Cairo-Jaxx was born (in his sac no less!) and then Chris was able to trim the cord. I wish we’d have known about delayed cord clamping but we didn’t. 

I was absolutely delighted when they passed my son to me for the skin to skin it felt magical. The birth had been calm and un rushed Chris sat kissing my hand as I cradled Cairo-Jaxx to my chest, after a short while the position was really uncomfortable and it was Chris’s turn for skin to skin with the baby and there Cairo stayed til we were moved in to the recovery area.

In recovery I was sat up and I was able to breast feed Cairo-Jaxx, have lots of coconut water and a few kisses with Chris and ring the family to announce his birth.

One thought on “A natural C Section 

  1. I wish that I would have put a birth plan into place when I had my twin daughters. They came 3 1/2 weeks early which isn’t bad for twins, and they were my first. I had planned to have a c-section because of the fact it was twins and I didn’t want to risk going through a natural delivery for one and then needing a c-section for the other. I wouldn’t have had a choice anyways as I was in severe pre-eclampsia. But they strapped my arms down and I couldn’t even touch my babies until I got into recovery. I didn’t feel relaxed and I couldn’t stop shaking. I will plan to have a birthing plan in place for our next baby which won’t be for a while yet since I’m nowhere near ready for another yet. LOL 🙂 Thanks for sharing your story! 🙂

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