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Labour Bags: The No Nonsense list


Waiting to go down for my section
 The most asked question I see on Facebook between mums “what shall I pack in my labour bag?” I remember doing it myself in the summer in a fit of panic as my pile for my bag/s grew ever bigger. It took a few of us a while to narrow it down natural birth or C Section? staying in or trying to get out as soon as possible? breast or bottle? cloth or disposable? the lists are never ending the possibilities endless, so let me try and break it down.

Natural Birth 

In Nottingham you can be in and out within 4 hours of an uncomplicated natural birth, so with this in mind this is a short list 

  • notes
  • phone
  • charger
  • cash
  • nightie/pj’s
  • drinks for labour
  • flipflops
  • hair band/bobbles
  • music
  • pillow
  • going home clothes/pj’s
  • outfit for baby inc hat and scratch mitts
  • blanket
  • 5 nappies
  • wet bag if using cloth
  • travel pack of wipes/ small pack of cotton wool
  • breast pad/ bra if feeding
  • 2 bottles and milk if bottle feeding
  • maternity pads
  • car seat


C Section

In Nottingham they do something called enhanced recovery where you are up and about earlier and home within 24 hours 

  • notes
  • phone
  • charger
  • cash
  • nightie/ pjs x2 keep it light wards are incredibly hot
  • flipflops
  • hairband
  • music
  • books/magazines
  • sports drinks/water/coconut water
  • towel
  • shower gel/ deodorant/ toothpaste/toothbrush/ hair brush/ dry shampoo
  • breast feeding bra/ pads if feeding
  • enough bottles for 24 hours min.
  • 10 nappies
  • wet bag if using cloth
  • travel pack of wipes/ small bag of cotton wool
  • big comfy pants
  • maternity pads
  • outfit to wear home that doesn’t sit on or rub wound
  • vests and baby grows x4
  • hat and blanket
  • outfit for baby to wear home inc hat and scratch mitts/ pram suit if it’s cold
  • car seat
  • stretchy wrap or carrier to give yourself some hands free time if you’re up to it

So there you have it the most uncomplicated list I can think of, obviously you may want dressing gowns and more things but this is the absolutely the most simple list I can think of.

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