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Mr & Mrs 

We met my Mum for a coffee today now that’s not something to write about normally but today we did our first back carry with Cairo and we happened to see someone wearing  Jordan 11’s 

This led to much excitement between me and my partner much to my mums confusion. To my mum my trainer obsession is ridiculous though she has just as many handbags/shoes as I have trainers. 

Today I was wearing my all black Nike 95’s with the m3 details they flash up in the dark and Chris was wearing JordanFlights. 

My mum was utterly astounded as we started bantering back and forth about the particular merits of our shoes with her concluding we’ve got more money than sense. 


Trainers play a big part of mine and my partners relationship, we often buy each other kicks, we read books and share knowledge of trainer culture he’s way more old skool than me. 

It’s the small things like today that make me so happy, Chris never judges me but encourages me to do things that make me happy and if that means trainers then it’s trainers. I’m no die hard collector I just like what I like, but there is something about shiny Jordans that just reaches my happy space like nothing on earth. 
J x 

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