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Busy Mum Beauty Tips

Here are my absolute hair and beauty staples, I’m all about simple and easy with no fuss. 

Hair Essentials 

  • Loreal volumising shampoo
  • Osmo wonder 10 Leave in conditioning treatment
  • Hair grips/bobbles same colour as your hair 
  • Baptiste Dry Shampoo
  • Sure stay dry no mark deodorant 


 As a hairdresser I love my hair to be big, shiny and full of volume. The easiest way to do this without blow drying your hair for hours is a good volumising shampoo and a real lightweight conditioner. Using a spray in leave in conditioner is the best way to achieve this. I fully recommend Osmos Wonder 10 it repairs conditions and adds shine.

I love to breast feed and baby wear, this is a recipe for over heating and to ensure I don’t sweat too much I swear by Sure’s deodorants. I particularly love the no mark ones. 
Another lifesaver when you just don’t have the time is Dry Shampoo, it refreshes your hair, adds volume and helps hold hair in place if you’re putting it up. Another top tip is to use hair bobbles and hair grips that match your hair, it helps your hair look more put together. 

Now I know Make Up is quite a personal thing and more often than not I head out in just my BodyShop Vitamin E Oil but when I wear make up these are my go to products 

  • Sleek Concealor/ Highlighter pen
  • Mac Face and Body Foundation 
  • Sleek Rose Gold Blusher
  • Loreal Mascara
  • Bobbi Brown Eyebrow Eyeshadow in Brunette and Eyebrow brush
  • Mac lipstick, lip liner 
  • Mac Nude eyeshadow 
  • Black liquid Eye Liner

I prefer more expensive foundations with SPF as I find they cover and stay better so I only need one every 6-12 months. Also I wear a darker one in summer as my skin tans really easy. 

I love Sleeks blusher it stays really well and has a highlighting effect too. Sleeks highlighting and is an amazing 2 in 1 product I can’t live without. 

I have worn Loreals Million Lashes mascara for around 10 years. I’ve tried many others but this brand is amazing 1 coat for daytime 2 coats for evening it makes all the difference. I always advise people with lighter hair and skin than me to use brown mascara and liquid liner, it’s much softer.  

I always carry a couple of lipsticks or lipglosses in my bag where I keep may nappies. I find slicking on a bit of gloss can really lift my mood and make me feel better if I’ve left the house with my hair on top of my head and nothing on my face. 

 Another quick beauty tip is having your eyebrows and eyelashes tinted. Once this is done you don’t need to fuss about them for around 3/4 weeks and having your eyebrows done can change your face entirely. 

These are my essentials, I’d love to know what your absolute must haves are. Please leave your comments below! 

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