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Baby wearing- Our journey so far

Cairo turned 6 months on the first of January, it’s been a whirlwind of happy memories with plenty of travel and adventures. I can quite honestly say we wouldn’t have done hardly anything without Babywearing.

Baby wearing allows me freedom I never thought possible. 

When Cairo was 6 weeks old I travelled to Birmingham to take my daughter to FusionFestival something entirely impossible with a buggy. 

The day before we had moved house again this was made super easy because baby was snuggled up, mainly asleep and I had both hands free. 

We spent a weekend in London in September and also half term travelling around London on the tube with a 3 mo a 9 yo and a suitcase meant we were able to use all routes not worrying about step free access. 

In November we travelled to Center Parcs at Woburn again a week of fun commenced there was no way all 5 of us and our luggage would have made it if we would of had to of taken our pram too. 

I was quite dismissive of baby wearing whilst pregnant with Cairo, it seemed like a faff and with me being a bit larger and having huge boobs I was rather worried I’d smother him! I finally thought I’ll give this a go about 6 months in and I found a  Papoozle for sale. This was literally the best thing I could of done! The Papoozle is a two part carrier made from stretchy material. It has a fixed padded waist with two stretchy panels fixed to it, you then wrap a separate piece of stretchy fabric to secure the baby. The papoozle taught me how to carry Cairo, how to make sure he was safe but more importantly it kept him calm, if he was particularly upset it was so easy to pop him in and take our dog for a walk.  

 After a couple of months I decided I needed a full on stretchy wrap and also Cairo was quite a sticky baby and the carrier was spending a lot of time in the wash. So I bought a Boba stretchy. This gorgeous slightly thicker wrap was so supportive but my gosh it took me a while to get used to tying it tight enough. Several times we went out and I had to stop and re adjust. About this time my partner got involved with Baby wearing too. He loves having Cairo so close and is very enthusiastic about us wearing him. 

I fell down the rabbit hole around this time  

There are places on FB where people buy, sell and trade wraps I joined a few then a few more. I decided I would like to try a SSC so I bought an Amazonas Buckled Carrier fairly cheap but Cairo was a bit too small so I stuck with  my stretchy. Once Cairo was big enough though I started using the Amazonas it was so supportive and he almost instantly fell asleep, when I realised I could move the support strap it was even better!   

A few weeks later I had discovered Lenny Lamb and my DISO’s the Royal Lion and Rainbow Safari then life became a bit well mad. 

I decided to move to a woven wrap choosing a size 6 Lenny in a Barberry colour way from the B/S/T boards and I’d chucked a throwaway bid on a rainbow bamboo blend Lenny on eBay. Of course I won both, so one became mine and one became Chris’s. I was swapping between my Amazonas and my woven when one day the support strap came off its rail and the only way I could wear it was with the straps crossed over my shoulders which I didn’t particularly like.  

 So back to the B/S/T boards I went. This time there was my DISO a Royal  Lion  SSC but it had been dyed a deep petrol blue so it was a unicorn too! I snapped it up and never looked back. About this time my family started joking I was obsessed with buying wraps compared to the amount of trainers and nappies I owned I just laughed.  

 I was in London for half term when my DDDISO the Lenny Rainbow Safari came up on eBay but it was in the US but I bit the bullet and paid for it and started waiting.  


Whilst I was awaiting my rainbow safari we went to Woburn, Chris stayed at home waiting for the wrap but it never came and suddenly became untraceable. I was heartbroken. 

One of my friends is a very enthusiastic baby wearer and she found me a new wrap she had  holidayed previously a size 3 Joe and Joe wrap named King of Birds for sale so I decided to buy that to expand my wrapping experience hip carries, robozos, kangaroo carries. This deep turquoise beauty arrived just before we went to Woburn and had me fully sold and one foot into the high end baby wearing market. 

 I also spotted a new SSC from Lenny Lamb called Colours of Rain, a beautifully deep coloured carrier with a whole host of bespoke accessories too. This carrier had reach straps and suck pads and had never been worn! So again I started a payment plan with a lovely mama in Ireland. I was so happy when it landed it’s a new generation SSC so it has a deeper and longer seat and overall just feels more comfortable than my previous one.  

 Whilst battling back and forth trying to trace my lost Rainbow Safari I came across the Fire Spiral star map an Obsidian and Bronze Beauty in a size 4 perfect for back carrying and with it being dark it lends itself to my wardrobe much better.  

 Just after Christamas I got the news I wanted. I was getting a refund and my ISO on the B/S/T boards may have been answered. 

In the mean time though I have an Oscha on a payment plan waiting to be paid and a rather special Joy and Joy in my sights. 

Baby wearing is something I hope to do til Cairo is at least 3/4 and if I do get to have another baby I will wear them too, because believe me nothing feels better than a sleeping baby on your chest or the freedom to get on with things with both hands free 

J x.


5 thoughts on “Baby wearing- Our journey so far

  1. Baby wearing wasn’t something I’d considered really… I’d used traditional baby carriers before, but they hurt my back, so it was always my partner who used them. I don’t plan on having any more children, so I’m a bit sad that I will probably never give this a go 😦


    1. We used a narrow based carrier with my daughter and it was horrible. We looked into slings with Cairo as is seen them on friends and loved the colours and freedom they offer.


  2. He’s gorgeous!!
    I completely agree having hands free time is super important, along with having that bonding experience with them so close. Looks like you’re a master of the art, my sister’s carrier looked like she’d fallen in a bag of scarves haha! Thanks for sharing Jayne! x
    Amy x

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  3. Wow, I can’t believe how many wraps you have! I love them and the idea of babywearing is fab! We always carried our eldest in a sling as much as possible – I don’t think wraps or that kind of variety were available when she was a babs so it wasn’t an option for us, really wish I could have tried this.

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