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Slimming World; a new beginning 

Cairo is now 6 months old and I’m still breastfeeding.  By babywearing and eating mainly healthy food, I’m now lighter than when I conceived. 

I was very conscious of the fact I was overweight whilst I was pregnant so resolved to be as healthy as possible and not to put too much weight on.

I hurt my back six months before I got pregnant. This grounded to a halt all my exercise and my very physical job. So when I got pregnant I was fat and depressingly unfit. After being humiliated by the midwife at my booking in appointment I resolved myself to being as healthy and as active as possible. 

Getting SPD wasn’t in my game plan and with a 6mo puppy and an 8 yo to get to school it was very hard and painful. I ended up finishing work early and sitting down way more than I wanted too. As I was approaching 32 weeks I had to have a GTT test and when they weighed me I’d put on less than a stone since my booking in appointment I was so happy! 

As I’ve spoke about, I had a section with Cairo and with enhanced recovery I was up and out and back on my feet almost straight away. I spent the 6 weeks holiday trying to be as active as possible taking long walks and trying to eat as healthy as possible. 

I recently went to Centre Parcs with the kids and my family, they all made a point of saying how well I’d lost the weight but I didn’t feel like me I missed being fit and a lot less jiggly. So just before Christmas I decided to join Slimming World and get active. 

I kicked off the New Year with a 10k walk around our local nature reserve whilst carrying Cairo on my back and got on the scales at group on the 4/1. 

Slimming World has changed a lot since I last went. There is no longer Red and Green plans just Extra Easy and after several reading of my books it really is easy! 

As I’m breastfeeding I get extra calcium and fibre allowances I get 15 syns a day for all my sauces, sweet bits, extra bread and alcohol it is very generous. 

I’ve spent the last two days constantly thinking about food and researching fakeaway and West Indian recipes. 

I’ll keep you all posted of my progress. I’m hoping the healthy eating will rub off on all of us. 
J. x


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