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When your dreams come true 

We actually got it! I’m so happy I could burst! 

After all the drama with the lost sling I had truly resolved myself to ever getting Cairos’ Legacy wrap

Then I put out an DDDDISO out on the B/S/T boards. After a few days I got a notification and an amazing price too.  It coincided with me getting my refund too so I could snap it up straight away. 

24 hours later it landed and I’m so happy. The colours are so much brighter than I ever thought, and it looks lush on my son and me. 

I love the baby wearing community, not only was it here with 24 hours of me paying it came with a gorgeous TWC little monkey toy. Nearly every time I buy Preloved I get sweets or toys. 

So now we are in the breaking process which is something I’ve never done before but I have two very enthusiastic friends who are trying to convince me to holiday it to them. I just don’t think I’m willing to let it leave yet, we shall see. 
J x 


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