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Mum Buns and other style ruts


2 photos taken 45 minutes apart

When you have small ones I find all your time is spent running around after them; feeding them, changing them, burping them. I personally can’t do lack of sleep, breastfeeding, co sleeping hair and makeup it’s like I’m just not hard wired for that much work. In November I took the time every day to do my hair and wear make up I got up 45 minutes earlier every day to make sure I looked done.

Not because anyone said I should but because I felt like I’d forgotten how and I missed being  ME.

I think we are all guilty of a few style ruts once we’ve had kids but below are mine. So grab a scrunchy and your favourite pair of trackie b’s whilst you read this.

  • My first style rut is The Mum bun. We’ve all been there kids are crying the clocks ticking you’re hairs not quite clean enough to wear down and you have no time to dry shampoo it. So you grab the nearest bobble/scrunchie twist it up and off you run.
  • Leggings Comfortable in pregnancy, those horrible swollen postpartum days and still a few months down the line. Now I’m not saying it’s not OK to wear maternity leggings for 12 months but it’s not the greatest style choice.
  • Your Partners/dads old clothes Why are men’s clothes sooooo comfy? My other half in particular loves outsize baggy jumpers and hoodies and I swear they have  secret powers! There is nothing nicer than stealing an overly large slouchy woollen jumper, a super soft and cushy denim shirt or a really old band tshirts with holes in.
  • Wearing Flats All The Time I get it I really do! I’m a baby wearer! Oh my gosh I miss my heels some days in my skinnies I just think J you need heels and then I remember I’m wearing my baby or that I’m averaging 15000 steps a day and I slink back in to my 95’s.
  • Not shaving. You know when you were pregnant and you found time to go for waxes and have long relaxing baths ( I do just about). Now it’s in out wash as much as you can and use a leave in conditioner so you’re out quicker. Thank god for leggings see style rut above
  • Living in one colour  I am particularly guilty of this. My mum commented how chic I looked in grey and how much it suited me, oh how I laughed

I lived in grey because it doesn’t show up baby sick. Which Cairo did 1000x a day when he was tiny. 

  • Or I wear black all of the time because I try and kid myself it’s slimming. Before my back gave out the year before I dressed in bright patterns, even brighter coats. Now I have this weird muted wardrobe that matches everything I own and all my bright individual stuff seems to have disappeared somewhere.
    pre Cairo



11 thoughts on “Mum Buns and other style ruts

  1. This is hilarious. I can definitely relate. Last year I went back to actually trying to match my clothes. It was liberating. I’m not sure I can give up the mom bun though…

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  2. I’m sat here currently in my grey slightly too big and very comfy Slazenger jogging bottoms. I’d like to blame the fact that we were driving back from our holiday but this is probably accompanied by the lack of clean trousers and the fact it was too cold for 3/4 lengths and too warm for jeans! Issues! Thanks for sharing the link.

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    1. Since I wrote this I’ve had my hair three different colours, lost nearly 2 stone and I am currently wearing proper leggings and a gold sparkly top. I’m definitely shifting back into me mode. Good luck


      1. Woohoo! Go you! I had lost 2.5 stone at one point since August 2013 (having had a baby in the middle) but have put most of that back on again and I think that’s what’s knocked my confidence a bit. I keep thinking about having my hair a different colour but I just don’t have the funds to keep it topped up so my greys start poking through.

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      2. Oh yeah! I’d forgotten that. I’ll give them a ring tomorrow and see what they can do. If not I’ll ring my usual lady on Tuesday and see what she can suggest. Thanks 🙂🙂

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