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Collector or Hoarder?

When does love turn to obsession? When you have bought shoes worth the value of a house (I’m sure we all remember Carrie from Sex in The City realising this whilst buying Manolo Blaniks) or when you’re wearing shoes and you’ve not paid your bills (Penny in The Big Bang Theory wearing shoes but lying on a couch admiring them instead of walking in them.)

My family and friends regularly tag me in memes like the ones below.   I saw a meme recently and it hit home slightly to me 

If I die please tell my husband how much my wraps/carriers/cloth nappies are WORTH!

I have had this conversation with my partner! It’s ok if anything happens I can just sell them. Yeah right! You kid yourself those slings hanging oh so casually in your hallway aren’t worth nearly a grand. 

  It’s like cloth nappies, typically you need 20/40 for twice weekly washing and a good rotation. I have around 150 not including the library nappies I am storing. In fact we are in the process of buying attractive storage for them so they get routinely used.

Use cloth nappies they said, you’ll save some money they said. 

People like me should just learn to control themselves a bit more, a new print is released and Boom I need it. Or the baby goes through a particularly wet stage or not needing to wear bottoms as much like in the summer so you need more absorbant, more flexible, brighter, Grandparent friendly, quicker drying and so it goes on. 

Even trainers, in 4 years I’ve bought around 50/60 pairs I’m now a fully paid up sneaker head. I own Jordans, Air Max1’s, Air Max95’s, Flights, Roshe, Air Force1’s, cons, Adidas and many more. Even nail varnish I haves 100s yet barely paint my nails myself. I have a hat box of Make Up mainly MAC. 

I think it’s easy to say I am fairly impulsive and a bit of a hoarder. I’m glad to say it’s never been to my detriment I’m fairly financially savvy and manage to buy nice things through various avenues which saves me money. 

And the ultimate excuse, 

I’m planning on having another baby. 



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