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Undersupply, or underhand undermining?

I had to reblog this amazing article, it’s like she was speaking to me personally.

through the eyes of a breastfeeding support group

Does he look like his milk isn’t good enough?

I logged onto a Facebook breastfeeding support group the other day and immediately saw a post from a mother who was worried that she didn’t have enough milk for her baby. Her baby was feeding almost constantly and very fussy, her breasts were no longer engorged and had become soft almost overnight, and she was unable to express much milk. Understandably, she was very stressed and was looking for support to get things back on track. The first two comments both sought to reassure her by telling her how this all sounds very normal and none of these things alone are signs of low supply (which is correct – see this amazing article for why: The third comment suggested that she make some lactation cookies and start eating porridge for breakfast. My heart broke a little bit on reading…

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