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Wollaton Hall spring walk


With a rare Saturday off and all of us together we decided to take Chris and Cairo to Wollaton Hall and Deer Park for the first time, so we set off with Cairo on my back and got on the 36 bus (off peak 2 adults and 3 children can travel for £4.50 all day) to save us a 2.5 mile walk and to give us plenty of energy for the hills!

We got off at Wollaton Park gates and made our way to the lake, it was a gorgeous Spring day with very little wind and even less mud which was a plus point! Wollaton Park has a big lake and several green areas, an industrial museum, play area and the hall itself acts as a natural history museum. Wollaton park is approximately 1.5 miles away from where I grew up and its somewhere my family have always gone for walks in all weathers as the hills are amazing for sledging!


Once we got to the lake Chris decided he wanted to check out ‘Wayne Manor’ as it has been used in the latest Batman film. We made our way up the hill as Mini searched for sticks, (since visiting Harry Potter land in December every stick is a wand). The approach to the hall is stunning with the Wollaton golf course is to your right and avenue of large ancient trees are to your left.

Half way up

At the top of the hill are the formal gardens and the old moat as a child we always made our way through the ornamental greenhouse and gardens. we found a seat and caught our breathe and I explained the view in front of us and which areas you can see and as we sat there we noticed there was a large group of red deer on the golf course, so off we went to investigate.


After walking through the ornamental gardens we made our around to the front of the house and went to to introduce Cairo to the ancient stuffed animals and all the creepy crawlers in the Natural History Museum inside.


After inspecting the animals we made our way down the hill and Mini played on the adventure playground for a while before we made our way home.


Monkey and Mouse



4 thoughts on “Wollaton Hall spring walk

  1. Wow it looks huge!!! I’d love to visit there too if its been in Batman!! Evie’s dad tries to get her to pretend sticks are wands too after Harry Potter, but she’s having none of it, she wants them all to be ‘Stick Man’ haha. It looks really beautiful! A fun day out. Thank you so much for sharing with #whatevertheweather xx

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Wow! It looks amazing! A fantastic place to explore and love that all sticks are wands, I can’t wait til my boys are old enough to read Harry Potter and practise making spells with stick wands. So many great wand crafts around too. Thanks so much for linking up to #Whatevertheweather 🙂 xx

    Liked by 1 person

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