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Boys can wear pink too!

I posted this yesterday on my Instagram and had a very mixed review from my friends and family due to the colour of his nappy. 

Now I don’t subscribe to gender definition when it comes to clothing, both me and Mini wear Boy’s/Men’s  clothing to the point when my fella moved in with us his wardrobe pretty much doubled.  My attitude extends to colour too it is just that a colour. 

I dress myself and the kids in colours that enhance their skin tones it just happens Cairo-Jaxx looks amazing in acid brights particularly pink.  

The lovely Fletcher family who quite often document their children on Instagram came in for massive criticism for dressing one of their boys in Nikes in a not particularly pink colour way it’s just madness.  

 The lovely Giovanna responded to this madness in her always affable style. 

Cairo-Jaxx even has a “girly nappy” 

I had pretty much resisted Baby legs too until yesterday when they came into they own due to the weather, now I’m totally converted. 


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