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Fluffy Love- All The Small Things FisPi 

I’m very lucky that I have a few wrap obsessed friends and between us we send our wraps on holiday for various reasons; these include Breaking In, Boredom, a chance to try something new.  This FireSpiral Cirrus was iced dyed by a company called All The Small Things and is a size 4. I was the second…… Continue reading Fluffy Love- All The Small Things FisPi 

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You know you’re a Parent Blogger when…

You know you’re a Mum/Parent blogger when, I quite often see these articles on Facebook and it made me think about how many were true for me. Here are 6 to get you started. You have the maximum iCloud storage setting for every device, because we never stop taking pictures. Every day is a new…… Continue reading You know you’re a Parent Blogger when…

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Elimination Communication – The Next Step

Potty training is such a minefield, when to do it, how to do it, to do it all? Then there is the EC Elimination Communication school of thought that children are born ready and it’s all about cues and reading your child. Whilst cutting one of my older clients hair she mentioned she had introduced a…… Continue reading Elimination Communication – The Next Step