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Elimination Communication – The Next Step

Potty training is such a minefield, when to do it, how to do it, to do it all? Then there is the EC Elimination Communication school of thought that children are born ready and it’s all about cues and reading your child.

Whilst cutting one of my older clients hair she mentioned she had introduced a potty at 6 months at breakfast time and that her babies soon caught on and were both dry by 18 months. Now I’m a bit of a flake and this method appealed to me, wake up, strip baby, plonk him on the potty and give him breakfast. I headed off to Wilkos bought a basic potty and informed C that we were starting to introduce the potty. We got off to a head start using the potty straight away and offering loads of praise and by day 4 he had pooed on the potty and was clapping away to signal us that he had done something! We piled on the praise and the clapping and he had the biggest grin on his face. I must say the fact that the whole of our downstairs is tiled did help sway my decision as it makes cleaning up the accidents much easier.

Whilst full time EC is not for us, I definitely think this is a great way to get kids used to the potty before they are toddlers and they hate change of any type. I am hoping this new routine will speed things along as I have been told toilet training boys is super hard work.

Along with cloth nappies hopefully our EC journey will be a fun one and if my 11 month old can take to it like a duck water I don’t see why not and to carry on.


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