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6 Weeks of Summer – Week 1 Round Up

So those never ending 6 weeks of summer are upon us; as this group of weeks seem to stretch on for ever and a day, I am grateful that the weather has been mostly nice, Pokemon Go has been released and that unlike the last 2 summer holidays I’m fit and well.

Alongside our 6 Weeks of Summer Sports , we have decided to visit as many of Nottingham’s green spaces as we can, as many of the parks have been given Green Flags and they also have outside gyms as a rule. this way Mini gets to meet new kids, she also wont be as bored as she loves going new places and I can flash my wraps about.

This week we have visited the outdoor gym at University Park, we have chased Pokemon on the bus along the Beeston Canal, visited friends, played outside on trampolines and baked cupcakes. As well as all the fun stuff I have given mini a challenge to complete several work books on English and handwriting. Thank goodness for shiny stickers and pocket money.


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