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Wrapping Wednesday – Tulip Moor Kente – Wrap Holiday

We have just finished our second wrap holiday this time it was from the lovely Sam.

As part of a breaking in holiday I got a week of Tulip Moor Kente, one of the Joy & Joe Baby 2015 heritage range.  I believe all the Kentes are just 2OAK that makes them elusive as well as extra special. The Tulip Moor is extra special made up of a blend of 25% cashmere 25% linen and 50% combed cotton.

Cushy and almost hardly used, the wrap felt thick and luscious, with an almost scratchy roughness to it. The depth of the red is most deceptive seen through a camera lens and the picture above is best one I captured that shows its redness off to its best ability. The cream too has a depth completely different to the Vanilla Kente I own.

The kente comes in a Size 6 which is great for fancy finishes and also multi pass carries that are great for my seat popping 13mo. The wrap provides lots of support making this a super comfy wrap whether your child is asleep or awake!

I’d highly recommend grabbing one of these if you ever get a chance!


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