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Wrapping Wednesday – Breaking in or Breaking backs ?

Do you own a brand new wrap? Have you lusted and waited after scoring the pre-order email confirmation? No? Yes? Well, now I can say have. Unlike the second hand mark which is all DISO’s friendly chat and stalking, buying straight from the manufacturer cuts all that out. What it also cuts out is you ending up with a super soft broken in piece of fabric, don’t ever get it twisted! New wraps are a different breed, even if you already have wraps from the same brand that are the same blend, they are just not the same. 

I have had two brand new wraps both cotton, one is a Joy and Joe and the other a Lenny Lamb, my beloved Rainbow Safari. Each wrap was straight out of the packet never used, the Lenny is a 7 and the J&J is a 3. 

Who knew cotton could be stiff, diggy, pinchy  and worst of all like cardboard to fold. In one fell swoop your dream comes crashing down as you realise the wrap needs breaking in, to make it worse your baby is just that a baby, breaking in requires toddlers, table hammocks, sleeping on, swinging on, and your baby has just learned to roll over. 
This is where your Mama tribe come in, the ladies with twins, toddlers and at least 2 children!  The solution is a wrap holiday whether to lots of people or to a person who wraps regularly and has experience and patience. I glumly packed away my Rainbow Safari and packed it off to my friend who has 2 yr old twins and to another mama who has a 1 and 3 year old for a few months. In what other situation would you hand over something so expensive and precious to let it essentially be battered by others???  The good news is I was then inundated with amazing pictures of my wrap being used, pictures of happy kids and it slowly made me feel better about the fact that once it came home I would be able to use it. 

I’ve also been a part of wrap holidays, it’s so lovely to receive a great wrap in the post and play with something you may have never thought of buying or is a OOAK for a very small outlay. 

To be a part of a wrap holiday, you normally need High End Feedback, Someone to vouch for you, willingness to pay for insured postage and be a part of a chatter group. These aren’t hard and fast rules but things that normally asked for.

breaking in faces

I can’t wait for my Red Chilli to be all soft and floppy. It’s a real beauty with a gorgeous shimmer and is so nice to wrap with. Hopefully once it’s back from its little holiday I will be able to report back on its wrapping abilities. 


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