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Wrapping Wednesday Buckles or Wraps

It is the age old Baby Wearing question ‘Do you wrap or use buckles?’

Tandem wearing with a Lenny Lamb Woven size 7

There are many types of both. We have a mixture of wraps and SSC’s (a Soft Structured Carrier) we find SSCs are brilliant for both me and my partner. 

Buckles are definitely a quicker solution to transporting your child and when your jumping on and off trains they are a god send but for day long comfort and support I personally feel you can’t go wrong. 

Lenny Lamb Baby Sized SSC

My favourite by far is the Lenny Lamb SSC followed by the Manduca. We also used an Amazonas in the earlier days of our BW journey but I found the chest strap fiddly and it popped off easily. 

I have a range of woven wraps from a 2 right up to a 7 and as I’ve become more adept at wrapping I’ve been able to use them to their full potential. 

Baby Wearing is such a personal thing and something you (hopefully) get better at with practice. As your baby grows you’re able to try different carries that allow your child to see all the things you see from The best seat in the house! 

My journey has been enhanced and made all the more enjoyable because of my friends Tash and Zoë who have helped me learn many different carries and enabled me to try lots of different wraps too.  

Firespiral Size 4 with ring finish


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