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My Monday – Slimming World 

I’m 10 months into my Slimming World journey and after having 3 months off over the summer I went back to group 3lb lighter and gained my Club 10 award which is something I’ve never actually attained. 

This means I’ve lost 10% of my starting weight! It gave me such a pleasure to know that being careful and sticking to Slimming World principles meant I’d really enjoyed the summer and also not gained any weight!!!

I’m really looking forward to group tonight, we are having a Christmas party taster session so I’m taking our family favourite Curried Goat with Rice and Peas I’ve had to do a lot of adapting as it traditionally uses lots of oil and full fat coconut milk. Today will involve being in the kitchen all day with the hob on low cooking this gorgeous flavoursome meal.  
Chris’s family are from Jamaica so between his Auntie P and my cousin Sammy they’ve taught me how to cook various dishes with various success (basmati rice is my enemy and has taken me several attempts to get it right) although my Mac and Cheese skills are now becoming legendary! 

I love tasters at SW they give you a chance to try food and recipes you maybe wouldn’t have thought of trying weetabix carrot cake anyone?? 

Dawn is a fantastic no nonsense leader and has really supported me and kept me in check, I can’t tell you enough the difference between staying to Image Therapy and just weighing and going.  I feel like I finally have a handle on my weight and a healthy attitude there’s no beating myself up just it is what it is and I know how to eat properly. 

The plan is fantastic for Pregnant women and also for Breast Feeding syn free Mac and  Cheese anyone?? So you can still lose weight safely whilst pregnant and beyond. If anything in those early months when you forget to look after yourself I found it a great reminder to eat and to be healthy too. 

This week there is an offer in Reveal Magazine where you can join for free! 

grab your voucher to join

I attend Dawns Monday Stapleford St Helens group at 7:30 pm she also holds meetings at TheHaven at 9:30am and an earlier group at 5:30pm at St Helens. 



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