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Wrapping Wednesday -Dream Wraps

In the Baby Wearing world there are wraps you can buy for £30 and there are wraps you can buy for £1300 yes really! Anything above £150 is considered High End and normally these wraps are HTF OOAK or Draw to Purchase.  

Taken From artipoppes Face Book Page

I have a particular need to own an Artipoppe Argus I just LOVE the sheen of these wraps and some of her colourways are to die for. The one above is 50% Egyptian cotton 30% superwssh Merino and 20% Japanese Paper! This beauty of which there were only two made (2OAK) retails between £587-767.00!!!  

I’m not sure how I graduated from a £30 wrap to some of my £250 ones and luckily I bought my wraps before the Baby Wearing market crashed spectacularly earlier in the year.  I’ve since purchased a couple of Joy and Joe wraps for at least £60 less than what they retailed at which in Babywearing used to be unheard of, plus one of the bonuses of buying second hand is the wraps are silky soft and broken in see here

King Of Birds Verreauxi

This was my first High End wrap a Joy and Joe it’s a 100% cotton and is a sateen finish. I love Joy and Joe wraps I own 6 now!! I totally don’t know how that happened Zoë!!! 

I also have a Firespiral Star Map and an Oscha Alto and I’m currently looking at buying a Silk Blend pale blue Alto I will warn you this Baby Wearing lark is addictive!!  The main difference between my HE wraps and my lower value ones is appearance, they’re just standard striped 100% cotton. I’ve thought many times about selling them but I’m totally sentimental and can’t bring myself to sell them. 

I’d love to hear from you about your dream wraps!!  

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