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Wrapping Wednesday – What we’ve worn this week 

Due to me being ill the last couple of weeks we have worn as much as we normally do. It’s been quite an emotional time as I really love carrying him. Whilst at school there has been lots of remarks in the playground about the fact I’m using the buggy so that shows you how little we’ve carried. 

Cairo and myself have enjoyed snuggling up with the wraps in this cooler weather too, believe me when you’re ill there’s nothing better than cuddling your baby wrapped in these beautiful works of art. 

We have a Baie Trowen Joker on holiday in a 6 and our newest Joy and Joe a Fountain Of Love one of their fancy high end range. The FOL is a Bellagio which is a beautiful monochrome opulent pattern. 

I can’t wait to get back on my feet and carrying regularly again. I’m sorry but my buggy just isn’t the same! It makes shopping really hard too! 

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