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Cloth Nappy Library’s – Fluffy Friday

img_2743Fluffy Friday is something I’m starting as a series of Cloth Nappy posts. I’m now  a volunteer for our local Cloth Nappy Library in Nottingham as part of their #Beeston Branch. We are a part of the UK Cloth Nappy Library Network and are bound by certain procedures so people using our services receive a fairly similar experience.

The biggest aim of a Nappy Library is to encourage people to use Reusable Nappies no matter their circumstances. In Nottingham we are able to do this by visiting SureStart centres, offering long term loans to families in need and of course by monthly Nappucinos. 

A Nappucino is an informal meeting for the Library and people who are interested in using Cloth, are using, or just fancy some information. The meetings normally include demonstrations on fitting the Nappies, different Nappy systems, how to look after your Cloth and any trouble shooting issues. Plus refreshments, a relaxed atmosphere for children and arranging kit loans or returning kits.
Notts Cloth hold theirs on the first Friday of every month at Playworks in St Ann’s. 

We lend kits suitable for newborns right up to potty training and also have Reusable wipe kits, swimming Nappies, Reusable Menstrual Demo kits, as well as sourcing Nappies for children with special needs.

img_0238-1One of the best things about Notts Cloth Nappies is that we are a free service, we loan kits for 6-8 weeks with the exception of long term kits. We currently have a great range of Nappies in our kits including Grovia, Close Parent, TotsBots, BumGenius, TJs Cloth Nappies and more.

There are Cloth Nappy Libraries all over the UK and some local councils even give you the chance to claim money towards the initial set up costs.

Click here to access the map

So why not give it a go? They’re not the ugly, smelly, time consuming things of  years gone by!

Hannah Spannah

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