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My Monday – Giving Myself Time


Me Time, that concept of something I do just for me. I have very little of it, I barely go to the loo, have a bath or shower to myself neither do I go anywhere without one of the children on a regular basis unless I’m working and I’m not quite sure that counts!

I’ve decided to do my 30 day full face challenge again as I’ve slipped out of my glam routine completely again. I talked about this here last year.  It really helped in making me feel fab again as I headed to the dizzying heights of 34 with a 9yo and a 6mo.

As we look to a new month and a new year approaching around the corner, do you have any goals? At Slimming World 2 weeks ago we were asked to make a Christmas Wish mine is to lose another 7lbs for Xmas. I’m also going away to Centre Parcs in 8 weeks so it would be nice to get most of it off by then as it’s my birthday too.

I find the the hardest part of most things is routine, I don’t like routine! I must have been a rebel in a former life, routine is so important for things like slimming world, parenting and I suppose life in general, but I really don’t like it.  I must say though I have bought a slimming world 12 week journal which despite all life throws at me is really helping.


Going into November I’m going to get up at 6 every day, do my hair and makeup, plan my meals and do my very best to fill up my appointment book with hair work.

As part of my 30 day Face Challenge I’m going to take a selfie each morning to hold myself accountable. I will also use my SW journal to it’s full potential.

Stick around and see how it goes.

One thought on “My Monday – Giving Myself Time

  1. If this helps you feel better about yourself, it sound as like a fabulous idea. Every now and then I tell myself that I will start wearing make up daily to help me feel better about myself and I fail miserably. Maybe I should try the 30 day challenge. Good luck with slimming world. Thank you for joining the #weekendblogshare 21-23/10

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