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#AlphaBlogBites ~Activities 

Activities. I hate them (Bad Mum Alert) I hate routine, I’m sure I’ve mentioned this before. 

My daughter goes to her Dads at the weekend on either Saturday and Sunday but with no forward planning as he has quite an irregular work pattern, the same goes for Chris and I, we both work every other Saturday so that stops her doing weekend activities. Increasingly as Mini has got older she likes to do after school activities and the most successful of these has been Football. 


Mini joined the school football squad 2 years ago and is only 1 of 3 girls that have played all the way through. She plays every day at lunch and break time. The team also practices every Thursday after school too. The school have always had girls in their squad but until last spring they had never played a girl in their actual matches, Mini was the first!  An excellent defender she is quick, fearless and dependable. Although she is small she takes down larger players with ease and can stick to someone like glue making her a very solid addition to the team. 

Having received ‘Man Of The Match’ several times as well as being ‘ Football Star Of The Week’ she is blazing a trail for the other girls in the squad. 

It has been amazing to see her confidence grow when we’ve attended her matches and training sessions. As I played football til I was 18 it’s great to see out on the pitch enjoying herself full of confidence. 

I really believe kids thrive when they find the activities they like. We tried lots of things before we found Football. Amongst those we tried include Ballet, Street Dance, Disco, Gymanatics which she loved but had to stop due to illness, choir and more. 

Other activities she enjoys at home are Just Dance on the Wii, roller skating, trampoline, going for long walks with her camera and swimming. 


Me Becoming Mum
Alphablog bites is a month long activity I will be hoping to link to everyday, I look orward to seeing you throughout November. Maybe click the link above and visit other blogs linking up too.

2 thoughts on “#AlphaBlogBites ~Activities 

  1. Well done to her for being the first girl, I hope it inspires others to do the same, there is an activity for everyone, it’s just finding what it is! #Alphablogbites

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