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#AlphaBlogBites ~Activities 

Activities. I hate them (Bad Mum Alert) I hate routine, I’m sure I’ve mentioned this before.  My daughter goes to her Dads at the weekend on either Saturday and Sunday but with no forward planning as he has quite an irregular work pattern, the same goes for Chris and I, we both work every other…… Continue reading #AlphaBlogBites ~Activities 

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Free Fun Days Out In Nottingham

I have lived in Nottingham all my life, we didn’t have lots of holidays growing up so my Mum, as she couldn’t drive would take us out for the day in Nottingham. It seems I’ve pretty much followed in my Mum’s footsteps, although Mini almost every year gets to  go somewhere.  instead of going  on…… Continue reading Free Fun Days Out In Nottingham

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My Monday – Giving Myself Time

Me Time, that concept of something I do just for me. I have very little of it, I barely go to the loo, have a bath or shower to myself neither do I go anywhere without one of the children on a regular basis unless I’m working and I’m not quite sure that counts! I’ve…… Continue reading My Monday – Giving Myself Time

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Weekend Styling #1 

This is our first Weekend Tot Style link up, as we are actively Baby wear Cairo-Jaxx  and use Cloth Nappies we favour a more relaxed style with lots of room.  Our usual approach to Cairo-Jaxx’s style went out the window this weekend as it was my Aunts 50th party on Saturday night so it was a busy Saturday and a chilled…… Continue reading Weekend Styling #1