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Cloth Nappy Library’s – Fluffy Friday

Fluffy Friday is something I’m starting as a series of Cloth Nappy posts. I’m now  a volunteer for our local Cloth Nappy Library in Nottingham as part of their #Beeston Branch. We are a part of the UK Cloth Nappy Library Network and are bound by certain procedures so people using our services receive a…… Continue reading Cloth Nappy Library’s – Fluffy Friday

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Elimination Communication – The Next Step

Potty training is such a minefield, when to do it, how to do it, to do it all? Then there is the EC Elimination Communication school of thought that children are born ready and it’s all about cues and reading your child. Whilst cutting one of my older clients hair she mentioned she had introduced a…… Continue reading Elimination Communication – The Next Step

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Boys can wear pink too!

I posted this yesterday on my Instagram and had a very mixed review from my friends and family due to the colour of his nappy.  Now I don’t subscribe to gender definition when it comes to clothing, both me and Mini wear Boy’s/Men’s  clothing to the point when my fella moved in with us his wardrobe pretty…… Continue reading Boys can wear pink too!

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Sunday Snapshots

A round of this weeks snaps,it’s been very quite as my little lady is rather I’ll and has been off school all week. I think cabin fever set in and I fell off the Slimming World wagon quite a bit. We ended on a high though with a big family Sunday playing Monopoly,going to Red’s…… Continue reading Sunday Snapshots

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Collector or Hoarder?

When does love turn to obsession? When you have bought shoes worth the value of a house (I’m sure we all remember Carrie from Sex in The City realising this whilst buying Manolo Blaniks) or when you’re wearing shoes and you’ve not paid your bills (Penny in The Big Bang Theory wearing shoes but lying…… Continue reading Collector or Hoarder?

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Out and about with Cloth Nappies

It’s one of the most asked questions with cloth ‘how do you cope when you’re out?’ The answer is, just like you do with disposables but with less mess. Most of us carry wet bags which is the only difference to normal changing bags, these are amazing bags made with PUL like the nappy outer’s…… Continue reading Out and about with Cloth Nappies