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#AlphaBlogBites ~Activities 

Activities. I hate them (Bad Mum Alert) I hate routine, I’m sure I’ve mentioned this before.  My daughter goes to her Dads at the weekend on either Saturday and Sunday but with no forward planning as he has quite an irregular work pattern, the same goes for Chris and I, we both work every other…… Continue reading #AlphaBlogBites ~Activities 

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Free Fun Days Out In Nottingham

I have lived in Nottingham all my life, we didn’t have lots of holidays growing up so my Mum, as she couldn’t drive would take us out for the day in Nottingham. It seems I’ve pretty much followed in my Mum’s footsteps, although Mini almost every year gets to  go somewhere.  instead of going  on…… Continue reading Free Fun Days Out In Nottingham

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Spotted! Juno Parenting Magazine

As I’m sure you may have noticed I love Instagram! It’s my favourite social media network and I’ve been using it since around 2012 with my personal account and for the blog since April 2015.  I noticed Juno Magazine were doing a baby wearing special using a hashtag #howibabywear so I got involved with some of our…… Continue reading Spotted! Juno Parenting Magazine

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My Monday – Slimming World 

I’m 10 months into my Slimming World journey and after having 3 months off over the summer I went back to group 3lb lighter and gained my Club 10 award which is something I’ve never actually attained.  This means I’ve lost 10% of my starting weight! It gave me such a pleasure to know that being careful…… Continue reading My Monday – Slimming World 

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Mini turns 10 

I can’t believe the day is here, she’s actually 10!  That tiny bundle born at 03:09 9-8-2006 is finally 10 and I couldn’t be more proud.  My sidekick, my hero, my inspiration. We spent 7 years facing the world together and I wouldn’t change a single thing.  I taught my princess to skate, ride bikes,…… Continue reading Mini turns 10 

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6 Weeks of Summer – Week 1 Round Up

So those never ending 6 weeks of summer are upon us; as this group of weeks seem to stretch on for ever and a day, I am grateful that the weather has been mostly nice, Pokemon Go has been released and that unlike the last 2 summer holidays I’m fit and well. Alongside our 6…… Continue reading 6 Weeks of Summer – Week 1 Round Up