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Review – The best Nursing Bra I’ve ever had! 

Did anyone ever warn you how large your boobs would acutally grow when you got pregnant? Nah, me neither! With Mini it was 3 sizes by 6 weeks and by the time my milk came in it was another 3 cup sizes. Now I don’t mean DD big or even a G cup I mean…… Continue reading Review – The best Nursing Bra I’ve ever had! 

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Mum Buns and other style ruts

  When you have small ones I find all your time is spent running around after them; feeding them, changing them, burping them. I personally can’t do lack of sleep, breastfeeding, co sleeping hair and makeup it’s like I’m just not hard wired for that much work. In November I took the time every day…… Continue reading Mum Buns and other style ruts

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Labour Bags: The No Nonsense list

    The most asked question I see on Facebook between mums “what shall I pack in my labour bag?” I remember doing it myself in the summer in a fit of panic as my pile for my bag/s grew ever bigger. It took a few of us a while to narrow it down natural birth…… Continue reading Labour Bags: The No Nonsense list

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A natural C Section 

  Having a C Section is scary! Having one second time around is even scarier because due to natures handy birth memory eraser (or was that just me) I couldn’t remember anything apart from the panic and the nausea during the operation. When I was around 13 weeks pregnant we went for our dating scan and…… Continue reading A natural C Section