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Weekend Styling #1 

This is our first Weekend Tot Style link up, as we are actively Baby wear Cairo-Jaxx  and use Cloth Nappies we favour a more relaxed style with lots of room.  Our usual approach to Cairo-Jaxx’s style went out the window this weekend as it was my Aunts 50th party on Saturday night so it was a busy Saturday and a chilled…… Continue reading Weekend Styling #1 

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Spotted! Juno Parenting Magazine

As I’m sure you may have noticed I love Instagram! It’s my favourite social media network and I’ve been using it since around 2012 with my personal account and for the blog since April 2015.  I noticed Juno Magazine were doing a baby wearing special using a hashtag #howibabywear so I got involved with some of our…… Continue reading Spotted! Juno Parenting Magazine

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Wrapping Wednesday – What we’ve worn this week 

Due to me being ill the last couple of weeks we have worn as much as we normally do. It’s been quite an emotional time as I really love carrying him. Whilst at school there has been lots of remarks in the playground about the fact I’m using the buggy so that shows you how…… Continue reading Wrapping Wednesday – What we’ve worn this week