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Mini turns 10 

I can’t believe the day is here, she’s actually 10!  That tiny bundle born at 03:09 9-8-2006 is finally 10 and I couldn’t be more proud.  My sidekick, my hero, my inspiration. We spent 7 years facing the world together and I wouldn’t change a single thing.  I taught my princess to skate, ride bikes,…… Continue reading Mini turns 10 

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Wake Up to Make Up- Dupetastic 

Being a mum you tend to put your own needs second to the kids, this means I tend to leave the house with no makeup on; I’m totally more scummy than yummy.  Sunday morning I had some time to myself so I indulged and spent 45 minutes trying out some new makeup.  Everything is either…… Continue reading Wake Up to Make Up- Dupetastic 

Attachment Parenting · Family · Pre Teens · Snapshots

6 Weeks of Summer – Week 1 Round Up

So those never ending 6 weeks of summer are upon us; as this group of weeks seem to stretch on for ever and a day, I am grateful that the weather has been mostly nice, Pokemon Go has been released and that unlike the last 2 summer holidays I’m fit and well. Alongside our 6…… Continue reading 6 Weeks of Summer – Week 1 Round Up